Sprinkler System Modification

About Us

Texas Rain Texas Rain was started by James S Kiening III, Vice President of National Bugmobiles, for two reasons. First, there was a need for quality sprinkler repair without a long waiting time. After calling several local sprinkler companies, I was put on a waiting list and finally got service three weeks later. The second reason for getting into the irrigation business was because our lawn care customers asked, “Who would you recommend to install a lawn irrigation system?” We made a business decision to refer ourselves to our customers.

With a degree in Mechanical Engineering as a knowledge base and customer service experience from National Bugmobiles, I could add sprinkler repair to the list of services that National Bugmobiles offers. We pride ourselves on providing fast service with quality workmanship.

Water Conservation

We specialize in making existing systems more efficient and trouble-free. By retrofitting and adding simple but advanced technology, we can make your lawn tell your sprinkler system when it needs water and when it doesn’t, saving you 30 to 70% off your lawn watering bill! Our systems monitor temperature and moisture amounts automatically, and you never send water down your driveway and into the street.

Fully Certified

Call us and we'll inspect your system and give you a free estimate. We're completely certified and licensed to install, maintain, and modify sprinkler systems. We know how to get the job done right.

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